Fueled by creativity, developing
advanced genetic therapies.


A quest,
guided by compassion,
to halt degenerative diseases
in their tracks.

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Ongoing collaboration with
world renowned scientists
at leading institutions


American Gene Technologies is a leader in the development of advanced genetic technologies to cure major human diseases such as cancers, neurological disorders and infectious diseases. AGT is demonstrating the viability of a new wave of medicine with the promise of improving and extending human life and ending the suffering caused by formerly incurable diseases. In collaboration with globally recognized scientists with decades of disease research at leading institutions, AGT is accelerating the delivery of treatments to global patient populations.

Rapid Drug Development

Thousands of lentiviral vectors have been developed, tested and banked to make the drug development process more efficient.

Research Collaborators

World-class researchers partner with AGT to design drugs using gene therapies within our lentiviral vectors.

Genetic Technologies

Our vectors represent the latest advance in pharmaceuticals, and can be used to target a wide variety of diseases.

Leading Scientists

Internationally recognized scientists supporting roadmaps to drug development to combat multiple diseases and conditions.

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